St. Louis Farm Market

St. Louis Farm Market

Eckert’s St. Louis Farm Market will reopen on Saturday, June 25th, we will be open daily from 9am – 6pm, 7 days a week.


Find fresh Eckert’s homegrown produce and other local favorites at the St. Louis Farm Market!


Eckert’s St. Louis Farm Market is where we bring the country fresh to the big city! Open seasonally, from summer through fall, the Farm Market carries Eckert’s homegrown produce, Eckert’s most popular bakery treats, and other favorites, including apple and pumpkin butter, Amish salsa, honey, jams, preserves, Eckert’s salad dressings and apple cider (when available).


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We feel so blessed to have a rainbow of fruits and veggies at our fingertips. Our favorite way to enjoy nature’s bounty is fresh from the orchard or field! There are many delicious fruits available throughout the year for us to all enjoy, but summertime offers the most bountiful harvest of peaches, blackberries, watermelon and cantaloupe.

Bakery Treats

Peach pie and homemade custard is a match made in heaven and one our family looks forward to every summer!

In addition to delicious peach pie, the Farm Market also carries other varieties of fruit pie, including apple and strawberry rhubarb, in addition to other bakery treats perfect for breakfast or lunch or dinner desserts. You’ll love our monster muffins, peaches ‘n cream cake and peach coffeecake, just name a few.

Specialty Food & Gift Items

Our Farm Market’s shelves are lined with old-time country favorites, including apple butter, honey, jams and preserves, pickled vegetables and so much more.

We also offer the newer fresh bread mixes, coffee blends, specialty teas and gourmet boxed mixes for the working cooks of today.

We are developing more and more private label products as we move forward that you just can’t find in the supermarket. When browsing our shelves you’ll find your old-fashioned favorites, as well as, the new and unusual.