pick your own beets at eckert's


Pick Your Own Beets at Eckert’s

While eating beets is a divisive topic — you either love it or you hate it! — there’s nothing divisive about coming to Eckert’s for a fun pick-your-own beets adventure! Everyone loves meandering the fields in search of the perfect, purple specimen. Maybe we’re biased, but we sure think farm picking beats rifling through produce bins at the supermarket any day! This goes for all of the pick-your-own fruits and vegetables at Eckert’s!

This palatable purple produce is an excellent, nutritionally-dense addition to your summer menu, and is jam-packed with vitamins C and A. Whether you pickle them, cook them or eat them raw, you’ll taste the difference when you harvest them fresh at Eckert’s in Belleville. Many of our customers come to our family-run farm to pick their own beets for borscht, beet salad, pickled beets, roasted beets and other healthy beet dishes. The opportunities are truly endless.

How and When to Pick Beets

As far as pick-your-own vegetables go, the real bounty is in the summer, and that also applies to beets. Our farm is teeming with these veggies from early July to mid-August, but we always recommend calling our Belleville location before stopping by to ensure that they’re ready for devouring. Beets will stay fresh in the refrigerator for about a week, and you can trim the tops to help them stay fresh for longer.

So, what’s the secret to picking the best beets? It all comes down to how they look! Choose beets that have firm, smooth skin and leaves that haven’t yet wilted. We always recommend harvesting beets when they’re about 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter, with greens that are about 6 inches or less. Eckert’s is a family-owned and operated pick-your-own vegetables farm, so make sure to check out all of our perfectly pickable crops!