we grow our blackberries on a trellis system, which acts as an overhead arch to allow more berries to grow and aids in the ease of picking.


MID Summer (JUNE-August)

AVAILABLE for picking
(Tues - Sun)

available for purchase

Pick-your-own blackberries
$3.99/lb (check crop update)



Pick-Your-Own Blackberries are CLOSED for the season.

Do you love the taste of fresh blackberries? When the summer rolls around at Eckert’s, you can get them right from the bush! Eckert’s Grafton Farm, Belleville Farm and Versailles, KY Farm are one of the leading attractions for family outings, and one of our most popular activities is the chance to pick your own fruit from our gardens and orchards. When the blackberries ripen, don’t miss your chance to head out to the fields and bring some home for yourself. The sweet taste makes for excellent jams, pies, pastries and wines — or you can just snack on them on the way home.

Eckert’s pick-your-own blackberries are offered throughout the summer months as the harvest allows, so check our Crop Updates page to see if they’re available. There’s nothing like bringing home a fresh pint of juicy blackberries yourself after a relaxing stroll through the fields. We grow our blackberries using a trellis system that makes them easier to pick and lets more of them grow. Kids and adults alike love to explore the blackberry gardens, and they really love the fruit they bear. We let you fill as many boxes as you can carry — so if you’ve got a lot of blackberry treats in mind, Eckert’s is where to stop.

Blackberry picking is just one of the many fun things you can do when you’re at Eckert’s family farms. Enjoy seasonal attractions such as miniature golf and live music. Or, stop into one of our country stores and sample some of the home-baked goods and dessert everyone loves. And yes, there are plenty with blackberries! Eckert’s has been family-operated for more than 175 years and loves sharing what we grow with those who enjoy it. If you’re in the Midwest and are looking for pick-your-own farms near you, come over to Eckert’s in Grafton, Belleville or Versailles, KY every summer!

A field access pass will be required to enter our picking areas. The all-day field access pass will allow you to enjoy fruit samples, unlimited rides to the picking areas, fresh farm air and lasting memories. Field access is $2/person.  We do offer discount days. Monday* field access is free, Tuesday-Thursday field access is half price, just $1/person. On Labor Day + Columbus Day, field access will be $2/person. As always, children under 2 are free.



2019 Pick Your Own Pricing: $3.99/lb

Buying and Storing
Choose berries that are firm, without soft spots, mold or discoloration. Check the bottom of the container for crushed berries and avoid purchasing. Refrigerate unwashed to prevent molding. Handle gently to avoid bruising. Do not heap blackberries on top of each other, this increases the risk of bruising. Rinse in cool running water when you are ready to eat the berries. Gently pat dry with paper towels. Do not soak berries in water. Blackberries can be stored in the refrigerator up to 2 to 3 days.

Click here to learn how to freeze blackberries.




Blackberries are my favorite fruit to pick, but don't take it from me....hear what some other local friends had to say about Blackberry Picking at our Belleville Farm!