We really love any excuse to eat so we are bringing you Burgers & Brews every Tuesday night this winter.  Each week we will feature 3 specialty burgers, all with a unique spin and offer some tasty local brews courtesy of 4204 Main Street Brewing Company to wash it down.


Our 1/2 pound burger grilled & topped with feta cheese, spring mix, cucumber, tomato & tzatziki sauce. $11.79

Beer Pairing: TICKLE - 4204 takes on the new Brut IPA beer style. Slightly tart, effervescent and aromatic. Cheers!

‘shroom steak burger

Our 1/2 pound burger topped with sauteed mushrooms, Country Bob’s Steak Sauce, melted provolone cheese and fried onion petals. $12.79

Beer Pairing: CHOCOLATE STOUT - big coconut presence and a deep Belgian chocolate character lie over top a gratifying American Stout.

big kahuna burger

Two of our 1/2 pound burgers with melted American and cheddar cheese stacked with fried pickles between them for an outrageous burger. $15.99

Beer Pairing: 1042 OFF DUTY - American Light Lager brewed in honor of our first responders. The Lager is crisp and clean.

**all burgers are served with Sidewinder Fries**

4204 Main Street Brewing Company opened its doors in May 2014. 4204 is located in Belleville, IL. Belleville is the home to many German descendants, and has a proud tradition of brewing. The city has been without a brewery since the 1980’s, when Stag closed its doors. 4204 brought brewing back to Belleville.