pick your own corn at eckert's


Pick Your Own Sweet Corn at Eckert’s

Grilled, broiled, steamed… it doesn’t matter how you prepare it, corn is always a crowd-pleaser! As seventh-generation Midwest farmers, the Eckert family knows a thing or two about corn. We don’t like to brag, but we like to think this is our forte! Ours is a sweet, bi-color (yellow and white) corn that’s not only yummy to eat, but a great source of vitamin C and fiber for the whole family. After more than 100 years of farming in rural Illinois, we’re very happy to offer pick-your-own corn in St. Louis and beyond. Read more to learn all about where and when to pick corn this season!

How, Where and When to Pick Sweet Corn

Our Belleville location is the premier pick-your-own vegetables farm in the region, and it’s overflowing with rows upon rows of sweet, Illinois corn! When corn-scouting, you want to look for ears of corn with tassels that are brown and dry, with kernels that are full. Give each ear a squeeze before harvesting — if it’s firm, it’s ready to be picked. To remove the ear from the crop, firmly pull the ear down and twist. It’s really a lot of fun… trust us!

So when do you pick corn? You’ve probably heard the old farmer’s adage “knee-high by the Fourth of July,” referring to the corn-growing process. While that’s a good, rough estimate, growing seasons vary, and our sweet corn is usually ready to pick sometime between early July and mid-August. Remember, the rainfall and temperature each season can slow or speed up the rate of crops, so always call us if you want to know when to pick your own fruits and vegetables.