Pick your own cucumbers at Eckert's farm


Refreshing, Locally Grown Cucumbers

Few veggies are as synonymous with fresh, summery flavor as cucumbers! Perfect for pairing with other summer staples, like squash and tomatoes, farm-fresh cukes are all you need to liven up your seasonal salads, pastas and stir-fries. The Eckert’s Belleville Farm is your local, family-owned pick-your-own vegetables farm, and we must say, our cucumbers are top-notch! Come and enjoy these homegrown favorites this season at Eckert’s.

Featuring effortless slicing — hello, simple summer salads and healthy snacks — and a mild, melony flavor versatile enough for many dishes, the cucumbers grown at Eckert’s are endlessly popular among our pickers. Cucumbers have a high concentration of vitamin C, so they’re definitely a great veggie to add to your diet, regardless of if you’re counting calories or trying to boost your daily nutritional intake!

How to Pick Cucumbers and What to Look For

When you’re on the prowl for the perfect cuke, you’ve got to know how and when to pick cucumbers so they’re delicious, ripe and ready for the crisper! Usually, their season lasts from early July to mid-August, with the early summer bringing plenty of picking opportunity. Speedway cucumbers tend to yield early, so make sure to contact us if you’re not sure if these favorites are in season.

Pick your own fruits and vegetables for all sorts of dishes and cuisines at Eckert’s in Belleville. Our family-owned farms are operated by sixth and seventh generation owners, and family is what we’re all about. At Belleville, you’ll have the opportunity to pick, taste and ultimately devour locally grown tomatoes, squash, kale, sweet corn and more. We don’t mean to brag, but it’s way more fun than picking from the produce aisle at the supermarket!