Eckert’s Dine & Shop to Donate Fundraiser Program

Let Eckert’s Restaurant and Country Store in Belleville, IL lend a helping hand to your organization through our Dine & Shop to Donate program.

Have fun eating in our Restaurant and shopping in the Country Store while earning money for your school or organization as part of our Dine and Shop to Donate Program. Your school or charity will get flyers and stickers to promote your event and receive a 10% donation from sales generated in our Restaurant and Country Store from your participants. It’s fun, it’s easy, and—it’s profitable! 

Here’s how the program works:

Step 1: Pick a Date

Call Eckert’s (618) 233-0513 x 1200 to request a date (Tuesday or Wednesday) at least one month in advance. Only authorized personnel or representatives from a group can officially book events.

Step 2: Promote Your Event

We will send you an electronic version of a flyer advertising your event that you can e-mail, post on Facebook and Twitter, print and post around your school or organization. Schools will also receive stickers for each child to wear home that promotes the event, and participating school teachers can dine for FREE (up to $15).

Step 3: Host Your Event

Have fun knowing that 10% of all register sales generated from your participating families, friends and other supporters will be donated back to your organization.

Step 4: Profit from Your Event

Your donation check will be sent to your organization within 10 business days of your event. All participating ticket sales must total a minimum of $100 to receive a donation check from Eckert’s.

Each student will receive a sticker to wear home that promotes the fundraiser.

Teachers and staff are important to the success of this program. Teachers who attend the fundraiser will receive a FREE meal (up to $15) the day of your event. when they present a school ID to their server.

Call (618) 233-0513 x 1200  to set up your school fundraiser with Eckert’s Restaurant.

Download a PDF of our Dine-to-Donate fundraisers flyer.


Eckert’s Restaurant has a special program for church gatherings and events that gives 10% of the total bill back to the church.

Outlined below is how our program works:

Make any dining room reservation (minimum of 10 people) in the name of your church and come and enjoy breakfast, lunch or our famous fried chicken dinner at Eckert’s Restaurant. We will then tithe 10% of your total bill back to your church. Reservations are on a space available basis and must be made three days in advance.

Within two weeks after your meal at Eckert’s Restaurant, we will mail our 10% tithe of your total bill back to your church.

Additionally, we will donate $15 (3/$5) in Eckert Cash to your church which can be used for the church’s administration any way they see fit. Eckert Cash can be given to pastors, clergy, Sunday school teachers, office staff or anyone as a reward for their efforts. Eckert cash is treated as currency in our restaurant and country store.

Call (618) 233-0513 x 3 to set up your church fundraiser with Eckert’s Restaurant.

Download a PDF of our Church Giving program flyer.

Eckert’s Church Giving Program

Eckert's Pie Fundraiser Program

Eckert’s Pie fundraisers are a tasty way to raise “dough” ($$) for your organization. We make it as easy as pie!

We Discount Our Pies for Your Group

Qualifying organizations will receive Eckert’s home-baked pies at a discounted price of $11.50 each (regular retail price is $15.99). Your organization then sets the selling price that best fits your fundraising needs.

You Promote and Sell

Promote your cause and take pie orders from your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. We will provide your organization with an order form. Eckert’s fresh-baked pies are known and loved all over the St. Louis metropolitan area, and they are sure to be a best-seller for your organization. Grandma is our only competition!

We Bake, You Deliver

Turn in your total pie order and let Eckert’s freshly bake each pie for your pick-up date. The final pie order is due one week before pick-up or delivery (delivery is available for an additional fee). Your organization is then responsible for distributing the individual pie orders.

You Profit!

It’s as easy as pie!

Call (618) 233-0513 for more information or to set up your pie fundraiser. 

Download a PDF of our Pie Fundraiser flyer.