We have had the pleasure of working with some incredible chefs, bloggers, tv stations and publications over the course of the years who have developed  delicious recipes with a variety of our homegrown crops. We hope you enjoy these dishes as much as we have! If you have made a recipe using our homegrown items, shoot me a message, I'd love to hear from you.

Strawberry Recipes

Strawberry Basil Vegan Cream Sauce - The Foodie Nurse
Vegan Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Strawberry Surprise Cookies - The Foodie Nurse
Strawberry + Maple Syrup - Chef Josh Charles
Strawberry Orange Chia Jam - the Kentucky Gent
Cinnamon-Ginger French Toast - Chef Josh Charles
Vegan Strawberry Breakfast Cobbler - The Foodie Nurse

Blackberry recipes

Blackberry Breakfast Shake {dairy-free} - Urban.Apron.
Blackberry Cocktails - Ellie and Addie
Blackberry Cobbler - Feed Me With Amanda
Fresh Blackberry Cobbler - Ellie and Addie

Peach recipes

Peach Pie Bars - Delish Knowledge
Homemade Peach Pie - Urban.Apron.

Veggie recipes

Chilled Summer Soup - With Food and Love

apple recipes

Vegan Apple Chunk Muffins - Urban.Apron
Crepes With an Easy  Apple Filling - Guide4Moms
Apple Bacon Quesadilla - Show Me St. Louis
Apple Crisp for One - Show Me St. Louis

miscellaneous Recipes

Caramel Walnut Apple Pie - Show Me St. Louis
Beef & Cheese Hand Pies - Show Me St. Louis
Garlic Bacon Dip - Show Me St. Louis
Mondavi Pizza - Show Me St. Louis
Easter Breakfast Strata - Show Me St. Louis