pick your own onions and peppers at eckert's


Wholesome Food, Wholesome Fun: Pick Your Own Vegetables

Come pick your own fruits and vegetables at Eckert’s Belleville farm this summer! We have farm-fresh onions and peppers that you can gather and add to all your seasonal creations. Available in the height of summer, these crops are fun to pick with the whole family. Bring the kids and their friends for some wholesome, family fun at Eckert’s!

As the region’s premier pick-your-own vegetables farm, Eckert’s proudly grows a great variety of peppers and onions that make fun, palatable additions to salads, casseroles, stir-fries, sandwiches and so much more. Throughout the season, you can pick Yummy Mix peppers, red and orange peppers, jalapeño peppers and onions — all locally, ethically grown by our multi-generational, family farm.

How and When to Pick Onions and Peppers

When are onions ready to pick? Ours are usually in season from early July to mid-August, so they’re perfect for harvesting just in time for topping off your barbecue dogs and summer salads. We’ll show you how to pick onions and peppers so they’re fresh, beautiful and ready for devouring! Make sure to choose onions with tops that are about 6 inches tall, with the tops beginning to fall over.

Picking-perfect peppers should be firm and free of soft spots and wrinkles. When it comes to peppers, any size will do — they’re just as delicious small as they are overgrown! Red and orange bell peppers are fantastic when they’re immature or ripe, regardless of color. If you have any questions, make sure to call us and we’ll be happy to let you know what’s in season, what we grow and when to pick peppers and onions at our farms. We’re happy to help!