Pick your own squash at Eckert's farm


Summer Favorites: Pick Your Own Squash

Can’t squash the craving for some homegrown squash? Come to Eckert’s Belleville to pick your own squash this season! The perfect family-friendly activity, squash-hunting is almost as fun as squash-eating, at least when you do it at Eckert’s. We are the proud harvesters of delicious, versatile squash perfect for roasting, sautéing and tossing into casseroles. You can even use these veggies to whip up healthy veggie noodles!

Rich in a variety of vitamins and nutrients, this particularly versatile vegetable is easy to incorporate into your diet, even if you’ve got picky little ones. Use it to complement veggie-ful salads, pastas, soups, stir-fries and even sandwiches. With ample flavor, a delightful texture and plenty of good-for-you nourishment, our homegrown squash will quickly become a fast, family favorite. If you need some ideas or family recipes, make sure to browse the Eckert’s Family Blog.

When to Pick Squash: Peak Picking Season

Although we often associate squash with the fall, their typical season is usually from early July to mid-August. Finding your perfect squash is a bit of a fun challenge, and one that’s entertaining for both grown-ups and kids alike. Look for squash that are small, glossy and tender, free of any soft spots or cuts. Beware, though: Squash are fickle and fragile, so make sure to handle them carefully and wear gloves while picking!

We’d love for you to join is in Belleville to enjoy fresh, summer squash this season. In addition to plenty of picking splendor, there’s lots to do here for some fun quality time. Bring the kids May through October for pick-your-own veggies and fruits, plus plenty of special activities and entertainment for the whole family.






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