pick your own zucchini at eckert's


Fresh, Summer Veggies: Pick Your Own Zucchini

Eckert’s in Belleville is the region’s premier pick-your-own vegetables farm, and we’re proud to grow a great variety of delicious, summer veggies, including yellow and green zucchini. This vegetable is a kind of summer squash and, though we usually consider it a true-blue vegetable, zucchini joins tomatoes on the list of vegetable-like fruits. That’s because these savory staples are actually the berries of the zucchini flower!

But we won’t bore you with the botanicals (unless you’re interested, then just ask)! The most important thing to know about zucchini is that it’s nutritious, versatile and delicious. You can use it to spice up salads, pastas, stir-fries and all sorts of roasted vegetable medleys. Pair our green and yellow zucchini varieties with fresh tomatoes, kale and onions, and you’ve got yourself an easy warm weather salad that pleases all palates.

How and When to Pick Zucchini

Want to know how to pick zucchini? You’ll get a lesson in harvesting when you visit Eckert’s, but we’re happy to give you a quick rundown beforehand. The trick is to look for glossy, tender zucchini that’s about 6 to 8 inches in length and 2 inches in diameter. Like most other squash, zucchini is somewhat fragile, so make sure to handle with care to avoid any bruising and scratching.

When is zucchini ready to pick? This favored fruit is typically in season between early July and mid-August, so it’s perfect for adding to your summer dishes. Pick your own fruits and vegetables at Eckert’s, with several locations throughout the St. Louis area as well as in Versailles, Ky. We’re delighted to help you create new family memories and spice up your kitchen creations with farm-fresh favorites!